#RoadToTahoe World Championship: Daniel Cramer

#RoadToTahoe World Championship: Daniel Cramer

By: Holly Joy Berkey

With the Tahoe Spartan World Championship just around the corner, racers of all backgrounds and abilities are eagerly and frantically training as they anticipate an epic race. The #RoadToTahoe is not one to be taken lightly as this race is the first of its kind; one that will be burned in the memory of all who navigate its treacherous paths.

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One of the great aspects of the Reebok Spartan Race series is each event provides a unique challenge guaranteed to test the physical ability and mental grit of every competitor embarking on the course while still remaining both enticing and accessible to anyone wishing to take it upon themselves to accept the challenge. Daniel Cramer, a 34-year-old Orlando, Florida native, is one of those people.

Daniel is eagerly preparing to travel to Tahoe for his very first Spartan Race World Championship, and after being introduced to the world of Obstacle Racing just over a year ago, he has become a passionate participant. Daniel races not just for the accomplishment of completing a race, but also for the sheer enjoyment of getting out and getting active. He is frequently seen at local Florida events donning a bright orange and green tutu, and his smile is infectious as he runs through each course showing a true zest for life.


With the excitement mounting, Daniel confesses that he is most excited to experience the atmosphere of a World Championship race, not to mention to gain a coveted finisher’s medal from one of the most difficult Obstacle Races in existence; however, he’s promised himself to not get overconfident, as he knows full well never to underestimate a course designed by the Spartan Team.

With this in mind, Daniel has focused his energy on preparing for what he knows will be the challenge of a lifetime. His training consists of running several times per week, rucking with a 50 pound pack, and participating in as many local obstacle racing events as he can add to his roster. He has also added CrossFit training to his schedule 4-5 times per week, and has even traveled to races at higher elevations since his home state of Florida is notorious for its flat, sea level terrain. His goal is to push his body to the limit every single day, and he varies his routine so as not to allow his body to become comfortable with the status quo. In his own words, Daniel plans to “inflict as much pain on the body as physically possible without injury.”


Not only has Daniel focused his training on World Championship success, but he has also relied on the advice of seasoned Spartans to provide insight into how they have trained, making sure to inquire as to what methods seem to work best. He’s honing his skills, preparing mentally, and taking each day in stride — literally.

Ultimately, Daniel’s goal is simple — finish!

We’ll be rooting you on to earn that finish Daniel! Good luck with your training, and we’ll see you in Tahoe!