Season Pass 2018

Season Pass 2018


2018 Season Passes have sold out! However, you can still register for remaining 2018 races here!

Don’t just tick us off your bucket-list, join our training community and live a Spartan life!

Spartan racing is designed to seriously improve your health, both physical and mental. We want you to keep testing yourself as you take on bigger challenges throughout the year.

To make this affordable we have created the Australian Spartan Season Pass, your one ticket to access every race on the Spartan Aus 2018 calendar. Australian Season Pass holders have guaranteed entry and wave times to ALL Australian Sprint, Super, Beast, Ultra and Hurricane Heat events for 2018.


Australian Spartan Season Pass holders are required to pay mandatory insurance for each event they choose to register for.
If you are an Open Season Pass holder you may upgrade to the Elite wave for an additional $20 per race you wish to upgrade or $10 for the Age Group waves. You will need to contact to have your code upgraded for select waves.

Australian Spartan Season Pass holder you cannot pass on unused races to other participants. Only the registered name can use the Season Pass entry.

Multiple laps are available with the Season Pass. However, this does not entitle you to more than ONE medal and ONE shirt on the day of the event. Also, only one lap, per distance, per event is counted towards your Trifecta.

To register for multiple laps on race day you must have your black VIP pass and valid photo ID to receive an “unlimited laps” wristband. You collect this from the Information desk at registration.

Season Pass FAQs

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