Spartan Race Australia is proud to have some superstar ambassadors on-board.

Spartan Race represents obstacle racing at its finest. We are pleased to introduce our team of Spartan Ambassadors!

We’ve partnered with these legends not only because of their success in the field of sports and fitness fields, but also because they embody the Spartan spirit of community, commitment and never giving up.

‘With Spartan Race, the reason we exist and the reason we’re so passionate, is about giving people self-confidence and the belief that they can take control and change things if they need to,’ explains Spartan CEO Max DeLacy.

Our amazing Spartan Race Australia Ambassadors lead by example and help send a message to the entire Spartan racer community, that whatever you put your mind to, you CAN do!


We are thrilled to announce AFLW Adelaide Crows Premiership player Sarah Perkins as an ambassador for Spartan Race Adelaide.

In the inaugural 2017 AFLW season, Sarah played for the Adelaide Crows and was an integral part of their premiership success. When faced with multiple knock backs, Sarah never gave up on her dream to play in the AFLW. Despite a challenging pathway to getting drafted into the AFLW, Sarah embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly and was a dominant force up forward for the Crows.

Sarah has become a cult hero and embodies all that Spartan Race believe in – hard work, resilience and a never-say-die attitude – making her the perfect ambassador for Spartan Race Adelaide.

Sarah is excited to be a part of the first-ever Spartan Race Adelaide. ‘I’ve roped a few of the girls (from the Crows) into racing with me. I know they’re very excited to take our training to the next level, and to get out there and help people get through the course if they’re struggling,’ Sarah said. She also had some sound advice for fellow Spartan racers who will be tackling the Adelaide course, ‘If you’re out in the obstacle course, where there’s pressure on you to complete something that you’re not quite sure you can do, if you get the doubt out of your head and just believe that you can complete it, it’s going to help you.’

Sarah shares her journey and her vision as a Spartan Race ambassador, as she makes her way to the start line on 26 August 2017 to race in Adelaide’s first-ever Spartan Race.


If you were asked to name the best obstacle racers in the world, Matt Murphy’s name would be sure to top any list.

With a background as a professional Triathlete, Matt has spent much of his life training and competing at an elite level. Since transitioning into the burgeoning sport of Obstacle Racing, he now dominates these events in Australia and globally.

Matt has starred in ESPNs hit TV show ‘Search4hurt’, which features Matt travelling the world, training with and interviewing top sporting teams and athletes. His sessions with teams such as the Wallabies, the Hockeyroos, the Mariners and the Australian Water Polo team have given him invaluable knowledge into how the best athletes train and recover, and Matt has been able to take this knowledge into his own coaching.

Matt is our Spartan Ambassador for the Perth APAC Championships and will be taking us all on a series of destination based training episodes on our road to Perth this November. Stay tuned!


With the achievement of being the 2000 ASA number one ranked vert skater in the world already tucked under his belt, Shane is one Australia’s top fitness trainers. During his time dominating the world, Shane completely reshaped vert skating, becoming the first skater to land a switch 1080 and a frontside 1260.

These days, Shane specialises in training Australia’s elite athletes, as well as being one of the top coaches in the field of obstacle course racing. Shane regularly competes at the elite level, as well as running Spartan Community Workouts, charity events and our gruelling Hurricane Heat events.