30 Ways to Get Burpees at a Hurricane Heat

So you’ve signed up for a Hurricane Heat. That’s superb, but let’s get one thing straight – for the duration of it, the cadre isn’t your friend. Your cadre will guide you and make sure you’re okay, but make no mistake the cadre is not there to swap numbers. The cadre is there to make sure you understand what’s expected of you.


If you didn’t know already, Hurricane Heats and burpees go hand-in-hand like laughs at a comedy club. You know that burpees are the inevitable penalty of not following the rules. Just in case you aren’t up for the burpee challenge, let’s explore 30 ways you could get burpees at a Hurricane Heat:

  1. Being late.
  2. Not wearing the correct color shirt.
  3. Not having your waiver.
  4. Not packing all the required gear.
  5. Not doing exercises in sync.
  6. Asking to be excused to go to the bathroom.
  7. Asking questions.
  8. Not listening/following instructions.
  9. Failing obstacles.
  10. Cutting the course.
  11. Being too comfortable with the Director (For Veterans).
  12. Trying to give suggestions to the Director.
  13. Sandbagging your way through the course.
  14. Not pulling your weight.
  15. Going to the restroom without letting the Director give you the approval (Accountability).
  16. Not having an accurate count of your teammates.
  17. Getting ahead of your team and leaving them behind.
  18. Not knowing the lyrics to “The Song.”
  19. Not being able to count to five.
  20. Trying to cheat the Director and his objectives.
  21. Not knowing your team name.
  22. Not knowing your captain’s name.
  23. Doing an incorrect burpee.
  24. Trying to avoid a wet face/head when doing water burpees.
  25. Talking back to the Director.
  26. Questioning the Director.
  27. Asking when the Hurricane Heat finishes (because they may miss the start of the Sprint/Super).
  28. Talking when told not to talk.
  29. Littering.
  30. Not reciting the Warrior Ethos in sync.

Don’t believe us? Try breaking any of these rules and see what happens. Before you know it, you’re cranking out some well-earned burpees. The Hurricane Heat culture, especially one involving the burpee, is one based deep in the history of Spartan Race. We know you don’t like burpees. They don’t like you either.

At the Hurricane Heat, we make no secret of the fact that we want to push you past your perceived limits. We’ll give out burpees like they’re an unending barrel of candies. It’s your job to avoid them. Will you become a team and avoid a night filled with burpees, or will your camaraderie impress the cadre and earn yourself a night filled with challenges to embrace? The choice is clearly yours, figure it out and enjoy the storm.