How I Reclaimed 20 Years and Lost 9 Pounds

By: Erin Sharoni

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Yes, that title is accurate.

No, it’s not part of a cheap marketing gimmick or get-young-and-skinny scheme. I won’t be asking you to fork over cash for a bottle of dubious pills or useless bags of tea.

But it did make you stop and look, right?

Whether we want to admit it or not, most of us care very much about the process of aging. Particularly, about how our bodies look and feel. There’s nothing wrong with caring about appearance if it means that looking healthy on the outside is reflective of actually being healthy on the inside. It doesn’t take a PhD to understand that the science unequivocally points to improved overall health (1) when the body is leaner than when it is overweight — from your biomarkers right on down to that glowing skin.

I did, in fact, reclaim 20 years and lose 9 pounds.

In six months, I went from an estimated internal age of 47.9 to an estimated internal age of 27.4, and a weight of 143 to 134 pounds. That’s a pretty sweet 20-year, 9-pound swing.

reclaimed 20 years

Here’s the skinny: as you may know, at InsideTracker we’ve developed a neat little tool called InnerAge (something of an understatement, as our top-notch team of scientists worked on it for two years). It measures your chronological age against key biomarkers, and then tells you what your actual internal age is.

This month, I had my blood drawn for an InnerAge test. The results informed me that while I was chronologically 33.9 years old, I was actually 27.4 years old internally — 6.5 years younger than the calendar claimed! Well, fancy that.

Six months ago however, my InnerAge results had me looking like that monkey in the meme: the calendar claimed I was 33.4 years old, while our InnerAge algorithm assured me that I was really 47.9.

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