#UNSTOPPABLE: 12 Adaptive Athletes With No Limits

By: Steffen Cook

Signing up for a Spartan Race takes an enormous amount of courage. To finish one, it takes even more. To accomplish such a feat and be an adaptive athlete due to an injury or condition speaks volumes about the character of that racer.

What does it mean to be #UNSTOPPABLE if you are an adaptive athlete? We asked some racers from around the country that have taken on Sprints, Supers and Beasts what being #UNSTOPPABLE means to them.

1. Dan Davis:

Adaptive 5 Dan Davis copy

“I chose not to let this stop me from loving my life the way did before. I wanted my life back.”

2. Zackary Paben:

Adaptive 6 Zackary

“At the age of 10, I had to have more heart than scars to make it. Now I’m helping others make it, and that makes me unstoppable.”

3. Matt Pevoto:

Adaptive  3 Matt Pevoto

“Someone who is an individual who chases their goals despite their circumstances. Someone who can adapt to any situation.”

4. Justin Falls:

Adaptive 2 Justin Falls

“I want to prove to others that the barriers we encounter in life are not impossible to overcome. We are so much more than the scars we carry.”

5. Billy Costello:

adaptive 11 Billy Costello

“When I reach one of life’s obstacles, it challenges me to dig deep. It challenges me to change and to grow. I am not defined by my wounds, but by how I overcome them. That’s how I am unstoppable.”

6. Earl Granville:

Adaptive 1 Earl Granville

“When it comes to being unstoppable, Reebok Spartan Race is a reminder that a disability is just an attitude. Stay ‘Oscar Mike.’”

7. Michael Mills:

Adaptive 7 Michael Mills

“When I was 16, my life was turned upside down and I had only two options: to live or die. I decided to live and from that day forward, I chose to never quit. That’s what makes me unstoppable.”

8. Sarah Chalk:

Adaptive 8 Sarah Chalk

“To be unstoppable, you must adapt. Therefore, being adaptive makes me unstoppable.”

9. Amanda Sullivan:

Adaptive 9 Amanda

“When you surround yourself with positive people, throw your excuses in the trash, live each day to the fullest, forgive those who have wronged you, help those in need, crush your goals, face your fears and push your mind, body and soul to defy limitations, you become the hero you’ve been waiting for. You become unstoppable.”

10. Misty Diaz:

Adaptive 4 Misty diaz again

“I’m unstoppable because I’ve failed many times, and each time I’ve failed I got up and tried again. Learning something each time and applying it the second go around is how I define ‘unstoppable.’”

11. Mathew Webb:

Adaptive Mathew Webb

“To me, being unstoppable means to keep moving forward even when it seems that you can’t. To break through the barrier of self-doubt and to not let anything get in your way of your goals.”

12. Kristin Lambert:

Adaptive 10 Kristin Lambert

“Being unstoppable means knowing your purpose and working towards it no matter what gets in your way. I could have easily chose to stop doing everything I once knew and loved before having my disability, but instead I learned to accept it, train harder and I’m making it my purpose to make a difference — not only in my life but in other people’s lives.”