Qalo: The Ring for Spartans

By: Steffen Cook

I’m here to review a product, but first: a little history lesson.


Lycurgus was a Spartan lawgiver and the man said to have invented the original Agoge, but also who reinvented Ancient Sparta as a military state. For instance, he insisted on a more communal way of living, called the syssitia; this meant that all Ancient Spartan men had to eat together — including kings.

Qalo 5

Among his other reforms was a banning of silver and gold. Coinage was to be made of iron and in the smelting process, the hot metal was bathed in vinegar, making it weak and fragile and ultimately, worthless. It would be cumbersome to transport and of no value to steal. The emphasis was on substance, not materialism. The idea was that function was more important than value.

This lesson resonates with Spartan Race, which is why I grabbed the opportunity to test a ring from Qalo, the silicone wedding band for the active lifestyle.

Qalo 3

The band, which allows far greater flexibility than traditional wedding bands, is at home on the finger, even if that hand it sits on is gripping bars, weights, rocks, logs or anything else a Spartan racer may wish to use when training for the next race.
I made a deliberate effort to choose only workouts that included gripping, pulling and lifting. This put the ring through a solid workout of its own, but each time, it simply adapted to what it was being put through.

I’ll be honest in that I was surprised as to how well it did. I even wore it in the pool, just to see if it could handle being wet. Again, there were no problems.

Qalo 4

As well as the obvious athletic advantages that the Qalo ring has, there is the added potential it brings with those unable to wear metallic rings in the workplace. Whether for the sake of conduction or for the safeguard in catching a band against a protruding item – with the potential of horrific injury – the ring negates this by being flexible enough to allow for mishaps.

We’re pretty sure that Lycurgus would approve.

Qalo wedding bands can be found here priced (reasonably, I think!) at $15.99-19.99

See you at the finish line!