Annual, Regional, Destination… Which Pass is for You?

The new year is a time for commitment — commitment to new goals, commitment to a better you, and, most importantly, commitment to the people you love. But no matter the object of a Spartan’s commitment, it’s important to plan ahead.

To help you make this 2016 your biggest year yet, we’ve create more options to help you achieve what you’ve committed to. Whether you’re looking to do a Trifecta, a Double Trifecta, or if you’re ready to go above and beyond to earn a Triple Trifecta and then some, we’ve put together this short guide to help you decide which race pass is best for you.

Regional Pass


If you want to earn your TRIFECTA, the Regional Pass is the way to do that without breaking the bank. As the name suggests, the Regional Pass is available for any one of the four regions of the United States:

  1. North
  2. South
  3. Central
  4. West

It’s not complicated. It’s just a good, solid, honest deal: three races, one price.

Looking to learn more about this deal? Check out our FAQ or our Regional Pass page for answers.

Destination Pass


Perhaps you have found yourself in this scenario before: you are planning your double TRIFECTA, penciling in your dates, and you start to realize something.

“It would be really nice if I could bring a friend.”

The Destination Pass, a new offering for 2016, includes a complimentary spectator pass. You can bring a friend, bring your spouse, bring your significant other — for free. We’ll even check your bags. The Destination Pass is the perfect way to knock out six solid races anywhere in the contiguous United States — all for a price so low that it turns more heads than a Leonidas Halloween costume.

Let that image sink in.

Not only that, but the the Destination Pass will get you into any heat. You can race in the elite, competitive, or open wave of any six races.

Want more information? Don’t worry — We made this page just for you.

Annual Pass


To the serious, the committed, and the competitive — the millions of modern warriors who would make the Ancient Spartans do a double take — we offer a bona fide gift: the Annual Pass Membership.

For a full 365 days after you make this purchase, you are free to enter any heat of any race, anywhere in the United States, including any Hurricane Heat or Hurricane Heat 12-Hour.**

This is not a joke.

In addition to free entry for any race, you will be able run multiple timed laps at a discounted rate, receive a free bag check, get VIP notification of new US races, receive a $75 discount for Agoge registration, take 55% off your Ultra Beast registration, and receive countless other special membership discounts that we had to leave out here just to save space.

Let’s put it this way. We understand that a year is a big commitment, so we want to give you options to match that.
If you are a realistic, level-headed Spartan and you don’t think this is a real offer, we understand. It’s pretty crazy. Check out this helpful page we built to answer (almost) every question you could think of. It should convince you.

The Choice Is Yours

If you want to get your first TRIFECTA, go for the Regional Pass.

Already completed your TRIFECTA and aiming higher for this year? Go for the Destination Pass.

If you want unlimited access to everything Spartan has to offer, commit to an Annual Pass.

Don’t wait

Every day is a choice. The choices you make today are the choices that will define you for the week, for the month, for the year — for your life. Commit to bigger goals this year.

See you at the finish line.