Joe De Sena: Start Your New Year Every Day

By: Joe De Sena

I like New Year’s Day. I do not like “New Year’s resolutions,” and I will tell you why.

When I was growing up, around age five, I used to help out my father with his work. He ran a construction company, and every morning he would call his crew so they would wake up and get the machines running. Sometimes they wouldn’t show up. That’s where I came in.

My job was to dial these employees’ phone numbers and call them. While I stood there holding the phone, my father would go to their houses and ring the doorbell. He would also set off the fire alarm in their apartment buildings.

Be thankful your boss doesn’t do that.

The point of this story is that my father taught me never to wait to get something done. I am not saying that we need to trip fire alarms. I am saying that we cannot simply make a list of our goals for the New Year and then ask them nicely to accomplish themselves.

We have to attack our resolutions every day.

I do not like “New Year’s” resolutions because the idea trains us to set goals and think about our goals on only one day of the year. On January 2nd, we go back to our routines. “New Year’s resolutions” make us forget that we should be making resolutions every single day.

We all want 2016 to be better than 2015, but in order to do that, it is a daily grind.

Success takes a commitment to daily preparation. For every other form of success, we understand that it takes daily effort. This is the case with taxes, business, finance, all kinds of planning, training for a race, preparing for an interview, studying for a test, saving for a trip, and getting food ready for the week. Every day you’re not preparing to win, you’re preparing to lose.

If you want change, you need to stop thinking about New Years and start thinking about today, right now.

Change is the result of action, not inaction.

Change never happens tomorrow. It only happens today.

I do not like New Year’s resolutions because, in making them, we forget to do something right now, consistently, every day.

My advice: start your New Year every day. Make this year your Year of Resilience. If you need something to chase, commit to the Spartan DELTA.

Joe De Sena

Founder and CEO, Spartan Race