From smashing it on the golf course to nailing the Spartan Race course

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” – Spartan Nicky

Up until a year ago, the furthest distance that Nicky had run, was 4 kilometres.

Unlike many Spartans who have a running or CrossFit background, Nicky is used to a different kind of course – the golf course.

Physically the two sports could not be more different, however the mental discipline of playing competitive golf and representing the Hong Kong national team has been the key to Nicky’s success in obstacle racing.

In 2016, Nicky took on the Spartan Sprint event; only her second ever running race. Adding to the level of difficulty, her sports bra unbuckled itself on the first obstacle – the hurdles. “I felt very slow and sluggish during the race,” she recalls. Yet she managed to clinch a top-10 finish. She fell in love with the sport and hasn’t looked back since.

“There is quite a lot of stigma in Asia against women competing in obstacle racing,” Nicky explains. The drive and discipline that saw her excel in golf, proving all the nay-sayers who said that she can’t do it wrong, has carried through in her approach to racing.

Nicky has managed to podium in most of the races she has competed in. Recently, Nicky came second racing in Beijing, which was extra special for her, being on home turf.

Nicky’s message is simple, “Don’t be afraid.”

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done a Spartan Race before. “I started from ground zero and got to where I am with a full time corporate job, a lot of hard-work and a bit of luck,” she says.

Spartan Race is made for anyone and everyone. You just need to have the determination to push your boundaries and try something new.

Nicky’s transformation into a Spartan machine is nothing short of inspiring. She is constantly improving and getting faster with each race, and her advice to all aspiring Spartans is “to start training early on; working on grip strength, functional strength, cardio endurance and speed”.

Nicky will be joining us in Perth this November for the Perth Trifecta Weekend! Make sure you keep an eye out for her – you won’t be able to miss her gold flash tattoos.

The Perth Championship Beast event will be the longest distance that she’s ever faced. She’s also looking forward to enjoying the beautiful outdoors and all the wonderful food that Perth has on offer.

We can’t wait to see what Nicky brings out on course in Perth. We’re confident that she is going to absolutely smash it.

Moniker: Spartan Nicky

Nationality: Hong Kong

Greatest Spartan Rival or Hero: Anyone who tells her that she can’t do it!

Wildest Spartan moment or memory: The epic 1Km bucket carry at the 2017 Malaysia Super

Most challenging obstacle: Twister