Fitness Industry Transformation Program

If you work in the fitness industry you’ll know that transformation isn’t just a word, it’s your life. Every day you work to build people to become greater and learn their strengths. The greatest part of any program though, is its culture.

And there’s no fitness culture like Spartan.

We’re setting out to transform the face of the fitness industry in Australia & NZ, and we want to give you the tools to be a part of it. Work as part of a community of passionate fitness industry professionals, and get amazing support and opportunities as part of our program which you can pass on to your clients and members.

Join the biggest fitness movement in history and become part of our Fitness Industry Transformation Program.

Or as we’re calling it – Spartan F.I.T


As a Spartan Australia & NZ F.I.T Partner you will receive all of the benefits below, completely free. We want to give you the tools to succeed and help our industry grow together!


Feature on our website, be promoted through Spartan social media, get your own Spartan logos, and so much more!

  • Your business will be featured on the Spartan website, which has an average of 67k website sessions per month! (Your business must have run a race first, and one in the last 12 months to remain featured)
  • Spartan will give you an introduction to Spartan racers and corporate teams who need training
  • If you feature in our Workout Tour events, your business will receive a shout out on our social media accounts, pages, and groups, and via an email to our 66k+ database
  • The three largest F.I.T teams from each event will receive a shout out in our post event EDM and Social Media posts, and will potentially feature in our post event highlight video.
  • Our weekly #spartanup Facebook live workout and other organic content will be based around the F.I.T program. This will allow you to share your gym or teams progress, and compete with other Spartan F.I.T partners on the Spartan Australia Facebook Page. Our Facebook page has a current audience of 160,000+
  • You will receive a unique Spartan Fitness Industry Partner logo to place on your website, social media, or other advertising to showcase your association with the Spartan brand


Free races for trainers & owners, large team discounts not available to the general public, sweet Spartan promo material + more!

  • Receive a unique discount code for your gym or business. Share it on social media, or place on posters around your facility
  • Request Spartan Event posters and flyers for your facility, with a space to place your discount code for the world to see
  • Receive digital promotional tiles to share on social media


A ready to go 8 Week Transformation Challenge that you can roll out in your facility, with marketing tips, a full workout schedule + more!

  • Gain access to the Spartan F.I.T 8 week transformation challenge. This program includes a ready to go 8 week challenge to roll out for your clients, a guide on how to market the challenge, and tips and tricks on how to train for Spartan no matter what kind of facility you have!
  • Receive weekly training videos that you can share with your clients to help them prepare for the upcoming race


Ever wanted to run a Spartan Hurricane Heat, or train rookies and meet new clients at our Workout Tours? Now you can!

  • Become one of 6 trainers at our FREE workout tour events held before each race. Get the chance to train and interact with 100+ local Spartans and grow your client base for free.
  • Hold an activation at the actual race! Bring along some equipment and warm up the crowd before the race, or set up a stall at a discounted rate and engage with some of the 5,000+ people at the event.
  • Become part of the Spartan Krypteia and lead a Spartan Hurricane Heat. You’ll have to earn this one…


Spartan Partner Offers, FIT partner logos, dedicated Facebook group + more

  • You’ll have direct contact with our Spartan F.I.P liaison, so no info@ emails or generic numbers. Any questions, just call!
  • Join a secret Facebook group dedicated to the Spartan Fitness Industry Program. This group will be updated regularly with special offers and deals, training content, and much more.
  • Receive exclusive offers from Spartan Partners such as wholesale supplements and gym equipment
  • Create co-branded clothing for your gym or business using the Spartan logos and designs (Through the Spartan Merchandise Supplier)


Gain access to Spartan Seminars & CEC courses as they are developed