Run as a Team


Our races are super fun, especially when you are doing it with your mates, your work colleagues, your sports team buddies or your family!

So, why not become team captain and organise your team for our next race!!

With a range of features available, let us help you get your team excited to be Spartan racers.

    • Team Discounts – the more the merrier!
      If you have a team of 5+ people then we have discounts available . . . .and everyone loves a discount!

Team discounts:
1️⃣10% off for 2-4 racers : enter the discount code before checkout: SPARTANTEAM
2️⃣15% off for 5+: enter the discount code at before checkout: MATESRATES

  • Biggest Team Trophy
    Pull together the biggest team at any of our races and you will win the trophy, the podium glory and the bragging rights!
  • FREE access to our Bootcamp Training Series.
    With a range of training sessions available leading up to all of our races, we will get your team Spartan ready!
  • 4 Week Spartan MyZone Challenges
    If you or any of your team mates are MyZone users, jump into our 4 week MyZone Challenges. Going head to head with other teams from around the country, there are different challenges leading up to each race. Once again, there are bragging rights and prizes available including a chance to win your race entry fee back.
  • Help to find a Gym or PT to help with your Spartan Training
    We have gyms, PTs and Coaches around Australia and New Zealand that are delivering Spartan specific training sessions. We can help find one in your area to get your team in tip top Spartan shape. Register here for more information.