8 Best Kept Spartan Prep Training Secrets

Training for a Reebok Spartan Race is much different than training for most other sports. Our races brutalize people’s lower half more than any other endurance sport and exhausts even the strongest grips and reserves of mental fortitude. Knowing this, here are the 8 Best Kept Secrets for not just surviving your next race, but thriving in it.

Top 8 Spartan Prep Training Secrets:

  1. Coordinated Body-weight Movements: Think crawling patterns, single leg squats, leaps, and bounds.
  2. Eccentrics: i.e. “negatives,” think jump to negative pull-ups and dips. Examples: Lower yourself extra slow from the top of your pull-up vs dropping to the bottom position. Down hill Running.
  3. Accumulations: i.e. typically no movement, think forward leaning rest in high plank (push-up) position, back extension holds, and isolated lunges. Accumulate 3-5 minute holds.
  4. Grip: A lot of it, constantly varied styles, and gripping for a long time. Some obstacles require several minutes under tension.
  5. Power: Max effort sub 5 second efforts, long active-recovery periods, repeat. Think broad jumps.
  6. Intervals: Hard 1:1’s (work:rest ratio) work up from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.
  7. Time on Feet: If your race is 2-3 hours, you need to have at least a workout a week that gets you close/exceeds to that (low intensity, okay).
  8. Burpees: 30 burpees cannot take you “down.” Newbies, start by resting 10 seconds every 5 reps, then, increase the number of reps over time. Work at it until you’re doing 30 without a problem.