What Makes Spartan SGX Training Different?

Spartan SGX is our official training program, designed for individuals of every ability and any age.

Spartan is about getting better — in every aspect of our lives — and we take a holistic approach to training. SGX is about more than not exercise. It is about change from the inside out. It is about getting fit and embracing any kind of challenge with mental strength.

We use functional body weight exercises and training periodization inside the gym to develop all-over fitness, and share our Spartan philosophy to encourage all-around health and wellness outside of the gym. Workouts are generally group-based and social, highly experiential events just like Spartan Races. At Spartan SGX we love anything that gets people off the couch. Spartan SGX can be your only workout or a complement to your current routine, whether you are training for a race or not.

Not sure if SGX is right for you? Try it out. Find a coach near you.